District 41 Main Phone Number (847) 356-2385


Zimmer, Lynette

Superintendent Office

Phone: x8001

Email: lynette.zimmer@district41.org

Executive Assistant-Supt/Board

Ford, Julie

Superintendent Office

Phone: x8004

Email: julie.ford@district41.org

Chief School Business Official

Kasprzyk, Anna

Business Office

Phone: x8010

Email: anna.kasprzyk@district41.org

Accounting Specialist/ Payroll Specialist

Hansen, Theresa

Business Office

Phone: x8012

Email: thansen@district41.org

Administrative Assistant

Vaughn, Anne

Business Office

Phone: x8008

Email: avaughn@district41.org

District Personnel Specialist

Ney, Kathleen

Business Office

Phone: x8005

Email: kney@district41.org

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Barbour, Alex

Teaching and Learning Office

Phone: x8002

Email: abarbour@district41.org

Administrative Assistant

Eschbach, Laura

Teaching and Learning Office

Phone: x8053

Email: leschbach@district41.org

Director of Special Education

Conkling, Mary

Special Education Office

Phone: x8306

Email: mconkling@district41.org

District Network Administrator

Chase, Jonathan

Technology Office

Phone: x8003

Email: jonathan.chase@district41.org

Facilities Manager

Vierck, Mark

Facilities Office

Phone: x8014

Email: mark.vierck@district41.org

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