Professional Learning Communities

  • Professional Learning Communities endorse educators working closely together as a group to ensure the success of all students.

    School-based learning communities focus on:

    • Review of school and district data
    • Development of school goals and grade level or team SMART goals
    • Alignment of individual and grade level school goals with district-wide goals
    • Determination of essential outcomes
    • Development and implementation of common formative and common summative assessments
    • Collaboration among learning teams to increase the achievement of all students
    • Collaboratively score students’ work (consistent assessment practices that promote inter-rater reliability) 

    All staff members work as a Professional Learning Community on a continual basis.

Staff Development

Workshops and Conferences

  • Staff members attend a variety of workshops and conferences that align with personal, school, and district-wide goals.  Workshops and conferences attended by District #41 staff focus on topics that include ELA, math, differentiated instruction, technology integration, English language learners or instruction pertaining to a specific discipline (band, music, art, technology, special education).

District-Wide Professional Development and Collaboration

  • Common staff development opportunities across the district are provided for consistency and collaboration. These opportunities include Institute Days and early dismissals, which are utilized for staff development and collaboration.  Internal and external experts will provide training for individual school and district initiatives.  Initiatives include:

    • Support for students’ growth using multiple strategies
    • Emphasis on best practices
    • Consistency in instruction and the development of common formative assessments
    • Focus on standards-based performance assessments
    • Emphasis on cross-disciplinary integration
    • Monitored training for all staff members, including contracted services and substitute teachers
    • Compliance by all staff, including contracted services and substitute teachers, for district and individual school goals
    • Focus on data-driven decision making
    • Best practices in technology integration

    District instructional coaches provide ongoing, job-embedded professional development.  The instructional coaches offer professional development in a variety of settings and formats.  They also facilitate grade level collaboration during PLC meetings. 

  • Professional Development Strategy

    District #41 provides ongoing training for staff members in areas identified to support student achievement in district and school-wide initiatives.

    Transformational Staff Development

    District #41 hosts ongoing transformational staff development on a variety of topics. Instructional coaches provide job-embedded professional development. External and internal experts are considered as well.