This webpage provides activities for families with early learners to help support growth and learning within all content areas. Please click on the classroom link to find activities for our Early Childhood and PreK students. For additional activities from related service providers, please click on the Special Education Services tab. 


    Contact Information

    Martin Elementary

    Teacher:   Ms. Anne   anne.lefler@district41.org

    Speech & Language Therapist:   Ms. Suzanne    sharper@district41.org

    Occupational Therapist:   Ms. Kelly    kelly.bruketta@district41.org

    Physical Therapist:   Ms. Rachel    rachel.goodale@district41.org

    Social Worker:   Mrs. Stange    tania.stange@district41.org


    Thompson Elementary

    Teacher:   Ms. Jessica    jbozer@district41.org

    Teacher:    Ms. Laurie     laurie.bergst@district41.org

    Speech & Language Therapist:   Mrs. Norris    mnorris@district41.org

    Occupational Therapist:   Ms. Roxanne    rkotik@district41.org

    Physical Therapist:   Ms. Rachel   rachel.goodale@district41.org

    Social Worker:   Ms. Jessica   jesssica.davis@district41.org