Early Childhood Special Education 3-5 year olds

  • The Early Childhood Special Education program is for
    children, ages 3-5, who exhibit developmental delays that
    impact educational skills in two or more of the following
    1.Speech and Language skills (receptive, expressive,
    pragmatic and articulation skills)
    2. Fine and/or gross motor skills
    3. Pre-academic skills (readiness, thinking and reasoning
    4.  Social and emotional skills

    Lake Villa offers morning sessions of Early Childhood. The
    number of students in each classroom is 10 with a teacher
    and a paraprofessional. The program provides structured
    opportunities for students to expand their skills. Instruction
    is aligned with Illinois Early Learning and Development

    CONTACT: Laura Eschbach at (847)245-8053 for an
    MUST PROVIDE: Proof of residency and original birth
    certificate (bring documents to the District Office)
    Screenings/Evaluations will be held at Palombi Middle
    School located at 133 McKinley Avenue, Lake Villa