Digital Life - 7th Grade

  • Welcome to computer lab! Students will have direct instruction in computer skills for one trimester.

    Course Description: This course explores how to use technology in a responsible way, protecting privacy, establishing a good digital image, and respecting the rights of others. It will explore the many facets of our digital lives, from blogging to creating websites to using social networks safely, all while preserving a good digital footprint. Students need to learn how to be good digital citizens as they establish active online lives.

    Students will learn how to avoid cyberbullying and what to do if they are the victims of it or if they see it happening to someone else. They will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of oversharing online. They will learn how to protect their digital footprints and avoid identity theft. They will learn how to use the many resources of the internet to establish a positive online image that will promote their talents and not damage their reputations. They will learn how to respect the creative rights of others online and to practice good netiquette (online polite behavior). They will use a variety of digital applications during this class, including the creation of websites using Google Sites. 

    Grading – The technology achievement grade will be based on the following: 

    • Unit tests and terminology quizzes will be given extra weight in the grade book. Students will be learning terminology related to digital life and digital citizenship.
    • In-class projects will be completed using the skills described above. Daily projects are generally worth 10 points each, with longer term projects having much higher point values. Most projects will be completed during computer lab time. Very few projects will be printed. Some projects will be done individually, and some will be done in small groups. Often students will be given the option to complete a project individually or with a partner. 

    Behavior expectations – On the first day of class, students completed a sheet that described the expectations for behavior in the lab. Basically they are required to be responsible digital citizens, treat the equipment properly, and work on the projects that are assigned.