Digital Production - 8th Grade

  • Welcome to computer lab! Students will have direct instruction in information literacy and digital production skills for one trimester. 

    Course Description: Students will learn how media affects our daily lives. We will develop media literacy skills, including the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. Students will learn how to make engaging and persuasive projects in a variety of media including video, website, and slide presentations.

    Students will learn the techniques and symbols that try to persuade us in our digital world. They will become website savvy, understanding the basics of website design but also evaluating websites for credibility. They will learn presentation and design skills that they can use later in their educational and vocational careers. Students will develop proficiency in using a video editing program (WeVideo). They will become efficient Internet researchers, finding data to support their positions in their media projects. They will learn how to cite their online sources correctly. They will learn to edit photos using a variety of open source programs. They will learn how to use graphic design elements to effectively relay their messages.

    Grading – The technology achievement grade will be based on the following: 

    • Terminology quizzes - Students will be learning terminology related to media literacy and digital production. They will take three terminology tests during the trimester. They will also have digital production skill reviews.
    • In-class projects will be completed using the skills described above. Daily projects are generally worth 10 points each, with longer term projects having much higher point values. Most projects will be completed during computer lab time. Very few projects will be printed. Some projects will be done individually, and some will be done in small groups. Often students will be given the option to complete a project individually or with a partner. They will create several video projects.

    Behavior expectations – On the first day of class, students complete a sheet that describes the expectations for behavior in the lab. Basically they are required to be responsible digital citizens, treat the equipment properly, and work on the projects that are assigned.