Coding - 8th Grade

  • Welcome to computer lab! Students will have direct instruction in coding skills for one trimester.

    Course Description: Students will learn how to solve software problems using blocks of code. They will create their own games and animations using coding. Students will practice basic computer programming and learn the process of designing, writing, testing, troubleshooting, and debugging. Students will progress through coding levels, from basic to intermediate, using a variety of online coding applications. Students will build websites using HTML and CSS.

    Essential questions that students will explore:

    • What is coding and what are the basic algorithms used in writing computer code?
    • What is troubleshooting and debugging?
    • How do I use HTML and CSS to build a website?
    • How do you use repeat, if/else, while, and counter blocks? 

    Other Information about Computer Class:

    • Grading – The technology achievement grade will be based on the following:
      • Terminology quizzes - Students will be learning terminology related to coding.
      • In-class projects will be completed using the skills described above. Daily projects are generally worth 10 points each, with longer term projects having much higher point values. Most projects will be completed during computer lab time. Students will complete coding puzzles, which get progressively more difficult. The students will use coding to create coded games, animations, and websites.
    • Behavior expectations – On the first day of class, we discuss the expectations for behavior in the lab. Basically they are required to be responsible digital citizens, treating the equipment properly and working on the projects that are assigned.