Standards, Essential Questions, and Goals

  • Subject area:

    7th grade Spanish is equivalent of the first half of high school Spanish 1

    Standards of Spanish 1:  

    7.SP.1 Uses proper pronunciation and intonation

    7.SP.2 Comprehends and applies key vocabulary terms and written passages

    7.SP.3 Uses appropriate grammar, punctuation and capitalization

    Essential Questions

    • Can I speak in fluid sentences?
    • Can I spell correctly in Spanish?
    • Can I form grammatically correct sentences in Spanish?
    • Can I understand when other speak to me in Spanish?

    Goals using I can statements:

    • I can  speak, read, and write in Spanish in a novice high  proficiency 
    • I can communicate with other Spanish speakers using introductions and greetings, and continue a conversation using essential conversation questions
    • I can learn Spanish through learning the alphabet, having phonemic awareness, and practicing vocabulary in the following topics: days of the week/months, weather, family, emotions, physical appearance, personality characteristics, clothing, school supplies, food & restaurant, hobbies, and shopping

Unit Sequence

  •  Unit 1: Introduction to Spanish: basics (7 weeks)

    • Class rules and expectations
    • Greetings
    • Alphabet
    • Geography- Spanish speaking countries
    • Grammar: nouns, articles, Introduction to the present tense

    Unit 2: Changes and numbers (6 weeks)

    • Weather and seasons 
    • Days and months
    • Numbers and time
    • Grammar: present tense: ser

    Unit 3: Family and friends (6 weeks)

    • Immediate and distant family
    • Customs and traditions 
    • Follow a famous family
    • Create our own family “tree”
    • Grammar: Present tense,  possessive adjectives, descriptive adjectives

    Unit 4: School (6 weeks)

    • School supplies 
    • Classroom procedures
    • Forming questions 
    • Grammar: present tense: estar, gustar (me/te)

    Unit 5: Food (5 weeks)

    • Fruits, vegetables, and animal proteins
    • Drinks
    • Breads and desserts
    • Present v. imperfect

     Unit 6: Shopping (5 weeks) 

    • Clothing and shoes
    • Technology
    • Grammar: imperfect, commands