Standards, Essential Questions, and Goals

  • Subject area: Spanish → Equivalent of the second half of high school Spanish 1

    Standards students will be graded on: 

    8.SP.1 Uses proper pronunciation and intonation

    8.SP.2 Comprehends and applies key vocabulary terms and written passages

    8.SP.3 Uses appropriate grammar, punctuation and capitalization

    Essential Questions

    • Can I speak in fluid sentences?

    • Can I spell correctly in Spanish?

    • Can I form grammatically correct sentences in Spanish?

    • Can I understand when other speak to me in Spanish?

    Goals using, I can statements:

    • I can speak, read, and write in Spanish in a novice high proficiency 

    • I can communicate with other Spanish speakers by engaging in casual conversations with topics learnt in class

    • I can learn Spanish by learning about daily routine, food, parties, doctor’s office and health, technology, and sports

Unit Sequence

  •  Unit 1: Daily routine (6 weeks)

    • Waking up, meals, going to school, going to sleep
    • Daily routine video/skit
    • Grammar: reflexive verbs, review of present tense, begin preterite tense, positive and negative expressions

    Unit 2: Restaurant (6 weeks)

    • Table settings and manners
    • Drinks
    • Authentic Hispanic/Latino meals
    • How to order food at the restaurant
    • Grammar: preterite of stem changers; Comparisons: inequality, equality; superlatives

    Unit 3: Parties, music, and art (6 weeks) 

    • Holidays: National and local to each country
    • Traditions
    • Art and artists that are well known and indigenous roots
    • Music and styles pertaining to the country
    • Grammar: irregular preterites, preterite verbs that change meaning, pronouns after prepositions

     Unit 4: Doctor’s office and health (6 weeks)

    • Body parts
    • World health problems
    • Grammar: preterit v. imperfect, impersonal, adverbs

     Unit 5: Technology and social media (5 weeks)

    • Professional communication and online etiquette
    • Grammar: Imperfect review, familiar commands, por vs. para, reciprocal reflexives  

    Unit 6: Sports and dance (6 weeks)

    • Traditional: baseball, basketball, soccer, football, Track, gymnastics
    • Non-traditional: Lucha libre, judo, kickboxing
    • Dance: Salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, cha-cha-cha, mambo
    • Grammar: Formal commands, nosotros commands, review of present and preterit