• If you are absent, please make sure to check Google classroom or talk to a classmate before asking me! It is your responsibility to stay up to date with the assignments and material. If you have any  questions about an assignment, do not hesitate in asking! There is no excuses if you miss a day. Everything is posted DAILY on Google Classroom. 

    If you miss class on a quiz or exam day, you must talk to me before or after class so we can schedule a time to take the assessment.  You have 3 days after missing 1 day to take the assessment.  

Grading Policies

  • Classwork/Homework Assignments

    • You have TWO weeks after the assignment is due to turn in the missing assignment. After that grading period, a zero will be given. 
    • All assignments are posted on Google Classroom DAILY. There is no excuse for not completing the assignment
    • If you are absent, look at the absences area for further information 


    • For projects, I will deduct five percent, per day, for the missing assignment.
    • Projects in my class are a test grade and impact your grade if not completed on time. 
    • If there is a religious observance (Day of the Dead/Christmas) teacher should be notified AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Accomodations will be made and student will be completing an alternate assignment. 

School Supplies

  • For Spanish class, I recommend the following supplies:

    • 3 packs- 3x5 inch note cards (lined/blank)
    • 1- 1 inch binder with 6 dividers
    • 12 pack-pencils

    Students in my year-long classes are expected to keep their items organized. I recommend the binder and dividers because during the second trimester of 8th grade, students take a placement test for the high schools they will be attending. This binder will help them study and prepare for the test to hopefully be placed in Spanish 2 at the high school level.