• Lake Villa Community Consolidated School District 41 7:50-AP Students Administrative Procedure- Early Entrance to Kindergarten Lake Villa School District 41 has established procedures to allow for parents to request early entrance into kindergarten for their child whose fifth birthday falls after September 1st and by December 31st. This is in alignment with School Code 105 ILCS 5/10-20.12.

    The decision to allow for early entrance into kindergarten is very important. The criteria for consideration for early entrance includes two assessments; a kindergarten readiness assessment which is a combination of academic and social emotional readiness and an intelligence test as well as a personal interview with the child. This data along with parent feedback will help determine if this will be the best path for the child. The early entrance review team will work collaboratively with the parents. Parent input and the background information about their child is valued and will be considered making a determination about placement.

    Those requesting early entrance into kindergarten must demonstrate a need for early education, as determined by their readiness in developmental areas. Students must demonstrate capabilities that warrant early admission. Decisions regarding early entrance must include but are not limited to the consideration of academic and emotional readiness regardless of race, color, gender, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, age, disability, or sexual orientation of children and or their families.


    Steps to Request Early Entrance to Kindergarten

    1. The child must live within the Lake Villa School District 41 boundaries and turn five years old after September 1 and by December 31 of that school year.

    2. Parents must submit the following paperwork by June 1 prior to the school year start date to initiate the process.

    • Early Admission into Kindergarten Request and Consent Form
    • Parent Interview Form (Provided to parent after request form is completed and received)
    • Preschool Questionnaire (If the child has attended preschool or daycare)

    3. Parents submit a certified copy of the child's birth certificate and proof of residency by June 1.

    4. A fee of $350.00 is due at the time of submission of the Early Entrance Request Form (Fee Waivers are not available for early entrance assessment). This fee covers the assessment services provided as a part of considering early entrance to kindergarten. In the event that a child does not meet screening criteria after the first appointment a $150 refund will be provided to the parent.


    Eligibility Process

    1. The child will be scheduled for two assessment dates after completing all paperwork and submission to the district (Dates are not flexible based on availability of staff).

    2. During the first appointment, the child will participate in a kindergarten readiness assessment that includes an academic portion, a student observation rating, and social emotional rating. In the event that a student does not meet acceleration criteria, a second appointment is not necessary (There will not be multiple opportunities for students to retake any portion of the assessment process; all results are final).

    3. If qualified, the second appointment will involve an intelligence assessment administered by one of the district's school psychologist.

    4. Parents will be invited to participate in a conference following the screening and testing. Members of the early entrance team will provide information regarding the child's performance during the screening, review the test results, and give parents a written summary of the screening.

    5. The team will share the final decision with the family at the conclusion of the process. Students that have met the entrance criteria will be admitted for the upcoming school year.


    Assessment Criteria

    Screening (First appointment)

    • BASC (Social Emotional Rating composite score- below 60; Adaptive composite score higher than 35.
    • DIAL (Teacher Observation Rating) score- 4 or less
    • Brigance Kindergarten Screening Assessment- 75th percentile or higher
    • Curriculum-based Measurements (Six) - 75th percentile or higher on each assessment

    Assessment (Second Appointment if qualified)

    • Reynold's Assessment- 75th percentile or higher
    • The child should demonstrate above-average social-emotional development as determined by assessment observations.