• Parents/Guardians:


    As the parent/guardian of a student eligible for an Individualized Education Program (IEP), you may request a District-provided interpreter at your student's IEP meetings. Interpreters are available to parents/guardians whose native language is a language other than English or who are deaf. The District-provided interpreter may be a District employee or a third-party vendor, including a telephonic interpreter. Additionally, you may request the District-provided interpreter serve solely as the interpreter during teh IEP meeting, rather than serving in multiple roles (e.g., interpreter and special education teacher). The District will make reasonable efforts to fulfill this request.

    To request a District-provided interpreter at your student's upcoming IEP meeting, please contact:

    • For BJ Hooper: Andrea Vison (847)356-2151 or avinson@district41.org
    • For Olive C. Martin: Wendy Loveless (847)245-3400 or wloveless@district41.org
    • For William L. Thompson: Kathleen Blasius (847)265-2488 or kblasius@district41.org
    • For Peter J. Palombi: Julie Pozezinski (847)356-2118 or jpozezinski@district41.org

    Please submit your request for an interpreter at least one week prior to your child's scheduled IEP meeting. If you prefer the interpreter to serve solely as the interpreter during the IEP meeting, please include that information in your request. If you have any questions or concerns about the District's interpretation services, please contact me directly.


    Mr. Matthew Crowley

    Director of Special Education