This snack list does not apply to individual student lunches.

    Fruits & Vegetables:
    • Dried fruits
    • Fresh fruits
    • Fresh fruit wedges/slices or canned fruit
    • Squeezable fruit sauce (applesauce)
    • Fruit wraps/fruit strips
    • Raw vegetable sticks/slices

    • Crackers (Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Saltines, Rice crackers, Graham crackers, Goldfish "Fish" crackers, Cheez Its
    • Original (Plain) Rice Krispy Treats® and/or non-gelatin crispy treats
    • Pre-popped Popcorn or cheese popcorn (not caramel)
    • Pretzels
    • Rice Cakes
    • Beef jerky (or turkey jerky, pepperoni sticks)
    • Lunch meat (for example, rolled up ham or turkey slices)

    • String cheese or cheese cubes
    • Yogurt, go-gurt


    1. Students may bring snacks into the classroom found on the district's approved list above.
    2. Birthdays may be celebrated by sharing non-edible items (i.e. stickers, pencils, markers, magnets, etc.) Edible treats such as candy, cupcakes, pizza and cookies will no longer be distributed.
    3. Students may pack any food item for lunch as long as that lunch is consumed in the cafeteria and not brought into the classroom.
    4. Staff members will seek alternative rewards for students that are not food-related.
    5. Exceptions to these guidelines may be granted by the building principal for special occasions or traditions such as cultural fairs or breakfast traditions. In such an event, all parents will be notified by the school in advance.