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Mrs. Walton

  • About Me

    I teach eighth grade science. I started at Palombi in the fall of 1995 right after I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Middle School Education. After I had one year of teaching experience, I decided to go for my Master's. I obtained a degree in Teaching and Leadership in May 1998. A month later I got married! Skip ahead a few years....21 years....and I am still teaching eighth grade science at Palombi. This school year marks my 25th year of teaching!

    Why I teach

    Since I was a little girl, I always played "teacher" with my friends. I love the middle school age group. Every day is different with their unique personalities! I love science, especially biology and chemistry. I love organizing curriculum and adapting lessons to best meet the kids' needs. I love working with my colleagues and sharing ideas. I LOVE my career!

    My family

    My family is extremely  important to me. In June 2019 my husband Gary and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We live in Ingleside with our 2 boys and 2 pets. My older son Garret is a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is majoring in electrical engineering. My younger son Gabe is a sophomore at Grant Community High School. He balances his time among school, many extracurricular clubs, scouting, and video games. My rescue dog Spot (11 years) is a German Short Hair and Terrier mix. My rescue cat Tiger (6 years) is an orange tabby. My pets are my other 2 boys! I LOVE my family!
My Family
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