• Welcome to the Facilities Department’s page of the Lake Villa Community Consolidated School District 41 website.
    In support of the District 41 mission, vision, and beliefs the Facilities Department provides ongoing maintenance and support to keep our facilities ready for our students, staff, and community.  The Facilities Department’s commitment to our five strategic goals takes a coordinated effort of our custodial and janitorial staff and allows us to maintain a safe, clean, and inviting learning environment for our students.
    Director of Facilities 
    Kevin Weisenberger
    Mr. Kevin Weisenberger
    Phone: 847-245-8014
    Fax: 847-356-2670
    Email: kevin.weisenberger@district41.org
    Maintainance - District
    Tom Lynk  
    Mr. Tom Lynk 
    Phone: 847-245-8055
    Email: thomas.lynk@district41.org
    Night Custodian - Hooper School 
    Andrew Bauschke  
    Mr. Andrew Bauschke
    Phone: 847-245-8157
    Email: andrew.bauschke@district41.org
    Custodian - Martin School 
    Jerry Novick
    Mr. Jerry Novick
    Phone: 847-245-6678
    Email: jerry.novick@district41.org
    Custodian - Palombi Middle School 
    Mr. Marvin Knuth
    Phone: 847-245-8043
    Email: marvin.knuth@district41.org
    Night Custodian - Palombi Middle School 
    Mr. Daniel Hansen
    Phone: 847-245-8043
    Email: daniel.hansen@district41.org
    Night Custodian - Thompson School 
    Mr. Joshua Redman
    Phone: 847-245-8307
    Email: joshua.redman@district41.org
    Sub Custodian - Thompson School 
    Larry Grogan  
    Mr. Larry Grogan
    Phone: 847-245-8307
    Email: larry.grogan@district41.org