• About Peter J. Palombi School

    Peter J. Palombi Middle School was named after the previous Superintendent of schools for Lake Villa School District 41. Peter J. Palombi was Superintendent from 1982 to 1992. During those years, Dr. Palombi brought educational innovation into the District and set us on a strong financial footing. Three schools (Hooper, Martin, & Thompson) feed into Palombi Middle School beginning in seventh grade. 

    When was Palombi built? 

    In 1969, Lake Villa Intermediate School opened. It was the first in the nation to have revolving classrooms, which can be found in our auditorium. Classroom additions were added on in 1977, 1980, 1985, 1992, and 1999. 

    Who are my teachers?

    There are two seventh grade teams- Red and White. Every student will be assigned to one team. Each team has six teachers that teach your main subjects. Your classes will usually be in the same part of the building in order to be comfortable with a similar group of staff and students.  For a listing of our teachers, please see the Staff Directory

    Where do I put my belongings?

    You can use a backpack to carry items to class. Backpacks must be stored in the back of the room during each class period. The bulk of your materials should be in your locker. The gym teacher will also assign you a gym locker. Please don't bring any expensive items to school. 

    Where do I go?

    You have 2 minutes passing time to get to your next class. Classes are scheduled to be close enough to your previous class in order to get there in time. If the bathroom is needed, just ask your teacher once you arrive. 

    How much homework will I receive?

    Homework varies depending on how you utilize your time in the classroom and other variables. Otherwise, we try not to go past the 70 -80-minute span that is recommended. Students have a Homework App on their Chromebook or parents may purchase an assignment notebook to keep track of their work. 

    How can parents keep track of homework for each class?

    Parents should keep track of their student progress online via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Enter the child's ID & PIN number and click submit. Staff members are required to update grades in PowerSchool every two weeks. Most classes also use Google Classroom as a resource to access homework assignments and calendars. 

What does my schedule look like?