Testing Week

Dear Palombi Parents/Guardians,

In the State of Illinois, all 3rd-8th grade students are required to take the Illinois Assessment of Readiness in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. The IAR measures student learning related to the Illinois Learning Standards and helps us understand how our students are growing academically compared to their peers across the state.  Fifth-grade students also take the Illinois Science Assessment (ISA).

At Palombi Middle School, 6th-8th grade students will take the IAR and 8th-grade students will take the ISA the week of March 6th. Make-up tests will take place the week of March 13th.

Additionally, students will also be taking the MRA and 5 Essentials during this period of time. 

In order for your child to be prepared for the week of testing, please talk to them about the following:

  1. Wired headphones (Wireless headphones aren’t allowed on the test)

  2. Charged Chromebook

  3. A good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast

  4. Something to read when the testing is complete

If you have questions about the IAR or ISAs, please contact your building principal. As always, we encourage our students to do their best every day. Thank you for your partnership in your student’s academic success.


Dr. Vic Wight