Hooper Playground 1

In March 2020, voters approved a $30.7 million bond referendum to allow Lake Villa Community Consolidated School District 41 to pay for much-needed improvements for the maintenance and the infrastructure of our District's schools. The Board of Education again would like to thank our community for investing in the education of our students and providing our excellent teachers with the best learning and teaching environment possible.

Palombi Middle School

2022's summer project included construction that revamped Palombi's cafeteria, kitchen and locker rooms so that it is more conducive to today's operations. Additional square footage was added to the cafeteria. Staff and students will now find it easier and safer to navigate without causing disruption. 

The kitchen area was reconfigured to improve workflow. There is a new walk-in fridge/freezer conveniently close to the food prep area along with an office and dry food storage that is close as well. The receiving area's new design makes it efficient for deliveries thanks to the new large double doors. 

Shower areas were removed from the locker rooms to allow for more seating areas for students. Staff rooms along with storage rooms were added to this area. 

Other improvements include: 

• Exterior light poles around the parking lot and sidewalk to improve site lighting 

• Exterior LED wall packs (sconces) around the building 

• Replacement of concrete sidewalks

Hooper Elementary School

Like Palombi, Hooper's kitchen was reconstructed to allow a smoother workflow for today's operations. After 50 dedicated years of service, it was finally time to give it the renovation it deserved. Depth was added to the kitchen to install a walk-in fridge and freezer. We utilized some more space to create a janitorial closet as well as a new staff bathroom. Down the hall, an existing classroom was converted into two resource rooms to allow small group instruction. An additional staff bathroom next to a kindergarten bathroom was added for convenience. Hooper's exterior parent drop-off lanes and new bus lot will increase the safety of our students, as well as increase parking areas overall. Hooper's new playground equipment will bring students added excitement. 

Martin Elementary School

Many of Martin's projects were completed prior to the Summer of 2022. However, we were still able to do some key improvements. Those improvements include: 

• New flooring throughout the corridors and 

Multi-Purpose Room New concrete sidewalk at the bus drop-off area New carpet in the main office along with "walk-off" carpet in the main entrance vestibule

Thompson Elementary School

Thompson received the same office and vestibule carpet that Martin did along with brand new flooring in the corridors and multi-purpose room. Thompson revamped its air barrier throughout the school. Renovation was also completed to three resource rooms and the art room.